Agora Europe Series on the European Political Space

A permanent and itinerant agora to discuss the future of Europe and the potential of each country to reshape the European political space.

Co-founded by Caterina di Fazio, Nadia Urbinati and Étienne Balibar.



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Agora Europe


Charta 2020

Agora Europe #14
Maastricht University Campus Brussels
Avenue de Tervueren 153
March 20th 3pm-4:30pm
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Agora Europe #15
#Charta2020 Official Presentation
European Parliament
Room ASP 3H1
Altiero Spinelli Building
March 20th 6:30pm-8pm
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Events co-sponsored by
Agora Europe (Hendaye)
Amel (Beyrouth & Grenoble)
European Alternatives (Paris, Berlin, Roma & London)
European Lab (Lyon)
ECIT Foundation (Brussels)
Eurocité (Paris)
FACM (Valencia)
Forum for European Culture (Amsterdam)
The Good Lobby (Bilbao & Brussels)
Studio Europa (Maastricht)

By definition, a public good is a good that eludes both rivalry and exclusion, a good made available for everyone, such that no one will be competing with another, nor be excluded from use. The Agora Europe Series is proud to present Charta 2020, a manifesto on European integration that enumerates 20 public goods essential to reshaping any future European political space. Charta 2020 has been collectively written at the European University Institute on February 15th 2019 and on March 20th 2019 will firstly be discussed at Maastricht University Campus Brussels and then officially presented at the European Parliament.

Sections and Sections Coordinators:

1. European Political Space (Étienne Balibar, Caterina Di Fazio, Nadia Urbinati)
2. Migration (Souleymane Bachir Diagne, Daniel Innerarity, Satvinder Juss)
3. Economy (David Adler, Lorenzo Marsili, Claus Offe)
4. Culture (Alberto Alemanno, Niccolo Milanese, Kalypso Nicolaidis)
5. Environment (Elena Pulcini, Nora Räthzel, Miguel Vatter)

Project Coordinators:

Caterina Di Fazio
Rui Tavares

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