Joint statement on Sea rescue

The initiatives Mediterranea, Salvamento Maritimo Humanitario and Sea-Eye, rescuing at sea migrants, joined Agora Europe and its partners to shed light on the situation of persons in exile in the occasion of the event “Est-ce que l’eau est une frontière?” (“Is Water a Border”) held in Hendaye on August 29, 2020, in partnership with the Columbia University Committee on Forced Migration and Alliance Program, Studio Europa Maastricht, the Maritime Club of Hendaye Txingudi, Les Sauveteurs en Mer SNSM, Ulysse Bookshop, SOS Racismo and Baobab Experience. The Joint Statement on Sea Rescue was subsequently launched to open a path of solidarity and cooperation in the US, Senegal, UK, France and Italy, on Italy’s National Day in Remembrance of the Victims of Immigration on October 3, 2020. Agora Europe is convinced that migrations are an opportunity. Freedom of movement is one of the European public goods promoted by Charta 2020. It constitutes part of a global right to mobility, which is a clear translation into practice of human dignity. The purpose of the Joint Statement on Sea Rescue is to reinforce the universal principle of non-refoulement, in the conviction that the protection of lives at sea shall endure in our societies both among the current priorities of European action and as long-standing transnational common value, that forced disappearances shall be visible and avoidable, and deaths avoidable and accountable.

Balibar, E., Di Fazio, C. & Mezzadra, S. “Joint Statement on Sea Rescue” in Global Policy JournalDurham University School of Government and International Affairs: Wiley-Blackwell (Joint publication on OpenDemocracy, UK; Mediapart, FR; Il Manifesto, IT; Left, IT; Le Soleil, SN):October 8, 2020