Migration and the European Political Space: The Future is at the Borders

September 26th 2018_6pm_Columbia Maison Française

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Yuri Kazakov ©2018 European Institute


Etienne Balibar (Columbia)
Souleymane Bachir Diagne (Columbia)
Carlo Invernizzi (CUNY)
Andreas Kalyvas (New School)
Giulia Oskian (Yale)
Silvana Patriarca (Fordham)
David Ragazzoni (Columbia)
Rui Tavares (LIVRE / Brown University)
Nadia Urbinati (Columbia)
Achille Varzi (Columbia)

Chaired by: Caterina Di Fazio (Pantheon-Sorbonne University / Columbia University)

Events co-sponsored by The European Institute, The Columbia University Maison Française, The Columbia European Society, and The Alliance Program.

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Agora Europe Poster - Updated

Conceived in this moment of political instability, Agora Europe is intended to create opportunities for a public debate to think about how to reorganize the European political space. The subtitle, quoting Etienne Balibar, could be: “Pas d’autre France sans autre Europe” – a formula which could clearly be applied to all the countries of the EU. The first Agora Europe was held at Paris 1 in May. This third agora will be an occasion to talk about the future of Europe, and to discuss the potential of each European nation to shape the European political space. It is not intended as a purely academic exercise, but aims to be open to everyone. We will start with brief introductory remarks about the European political space. Each speaker will then talk briefly about the European Union as a political and not merely economic union. The ensuing debate will address migration as the central theme. As an agora, the participation of the audience is essential. For more info, please refer to the Columbia Maison Française website.

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