The Agora Europe Series in the CZ

Agora Europe Series #7
The Socrates of Prague screening and discussion
Jan Patočka & Charta 77

Agora Europe Series is proud to present the first screening of The Socrates of Prague in Prague. Please join us on November 28th in Husova 4a to discuss about Charta 77 and Czech Philosopher Jan Patočka. The screening will be followed by discussion feat. Václav Bělohradský, Ivan Chvatík, Caterina di Fazio, Jan Sókol.

This will also be the occasion of the launch of Charta 2020, a European project by Rui Tavares and Caterina Di Fazio.

Date and Location: November 28, Akademické konferenční centrum (AKC), Husova 4a, Praha 1, from 15:30

Followed by the opening of the exhibition: November 28, Akademie věd ČR, Národní třída 3, Praha 1, from 17:30

Invited Speakers:
Václav Bělohradský (Prague)
Ivan Chvatík (CTS)
Jan Sókol (Univerzita Karlova)

Caterina di Fazio (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne/Univerzita Karlova)

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About the Movie

Why did a philosopher whose life was dedicated to reading, writing, and teaching decide so late in his life to engage himself in the world?

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In 1977, in Prague, city at the heart of Europe, the philosopher Jan Patočka became the unlikely spokesperson for Charta 77 — a proclamation signed by a number of dissidents and issued to the communist authorities that pointed out the flagrant disregard of the norms of freedom and legality in Czechoslovakian society.

What is the significance of this engagement? Who was Jan Patočka?

The Socrates of Prague explores these questions by addressing several students and friends who in the 1960s and 70s witnessed Patočka’s intellectual and political efforts, and shared with him the intense desire for a social and political renewal after the dramatic end of the Prague Spring.

The Socrates of Prague has been filmed in February 2017 in Prague by a crew of the Leuvens Instituut voor Media en Leren directed by Sam Willems. The film realisation has been generously supported by the European Research Council. Film locations include the National Library of the Czech Republic, the Patočka Archive, and the Czech Academy of Sciences.

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