About Us

Agora Europe is a transatlantic series on human mobility jointly co-founded at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University and Columbia University in 2018 by Etienne Balibar, Caterina Di Fazio, and several other scholars and practitioners.  It aims to inaugurate and promote a transnational debate—reaching across Europe and beyond—on the scale, scope, and substance of the European political space, as well as on migration, unsettlement, forced displacement and disappearances, narratives and counternarratives. The purpose of these debates is to encourage cooperation, promote inclusion, and develop connections across Euro-Mediterranean and Atlantic regions, questioning the meaning of citizenship and its limits in an age of mass migration and global interconnection. In order to facilitate these debates, Agora Europe functions as a permanent and itinerant agora, bringing together scholars, representatives, practitioners, cultural actors, migrants and citizens to share their experiences and make their voices heard.

The Agora Europe Series prompted the organization of a cultural and artistic festival funded by Fondazione Cariparma and over 30 public and live events on topics pertaining to saving lives, the Sea as connector and not a border, countering hate speech and advocating for inclusive policies.

Since 2019, Agora Europe is a non-profit association registered at Hendaye’s City Hall, France.

It coordinated and presented at the European University Institute, the European Parliament, the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Columbia University and Studio Europa Maastricht Charta 2020, the first charter of European public goods, recently promoted the Joint Statement on Sea Rescue, jointly published in the US, UK, France, Italy and Senegal, and is currently implementing several other projects, including the Otherside // Europe Series.

Agora Europe was recently awarded the Europe for Citizens grant of the European Commission for the project “EU-MED”.