Agora Europe also represents a transnational consortium including several academic institutions, cultural foundations, international and governmental organizations, NGOs and CSOs, working in close cooperation, among which the United Nations Network on Migration, Columbia University Committee on Forced Migration and Alliance Program, the Sorbonne, Studio Europa Maastricht, Fondazione Feltrinelli, UNI-MED, the Spanish Coast Guard, several NGOs operating at sea, Amel Association International, SOS Racismo, etc. Together with Fondazione Feltrinelli, Agora Europe led the consortium to the completion of the proposal “EU-MED Migration through cross-border Exchange and intercultural Dialogue – broadening migration narratives in the Euro-Mediterranean space” which was awarded the Europe for Citizens grant of the European Commission. In partnership with Studio Europa Maastricht, Agora Europe coordinated the consortium for the submission of the proposal “RECIPROCITY – Reassessing Experiences and Co-creating Integration Processes through Reciprocal Ownership of Communities Initiatives and Trainings with Youth” (pending decision) to the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

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