The Otherside // Europe Series aims at collecting perspectives on Europe from its other sides, across the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. The series was jointly launched at Columbia University and KANO Brussels in Fall 2019. Following the COVID-19 crisis, the series is being implemented exclusively online, featuring podcast and webinars on water as a border, migration, sea rescue, plastic pollution and ocean protection, with scholars, practitioners, representatives, cultural actors, sailors, citizens, residents and migrants from several cross-border areas, to offer visions of Europe from overseas and across the oceans. The series is available on our YouTube Channel and Facebook page. The next event, “A Transatlantic Roundtable on Human Mobility”, is planned for May 19, 2021, and will be co-sponsored by the Columbia University Committee on Forced Migration and Maastricht University Studio Europa. The Otherside // Europe Series reached over 40.000 participants and viewers and constitutes an essential and innovative ongoing video archive on human mobility.

You can also find all the episodes of the series on Spotify and Youtube from the links below: